If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel to destinations around the World, here is some inspiration for your next trip with some of the most sought after places to visit. In no particular order…

Machu Picchu

Trek to the captivating Machu Picchu. Photo by Jeison Spaniol

A firm favourite for many a traveller and increasing in popularity as an engagement destination!

Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre

Hill-hugging beauties at Amalfi Coast. Photo by Ciprian Boiciuc

While some distance apart these two beautiful regions in Italy have some similarities with their coastal hill-hugging buildings. We love their ingenuity for fitting so much in a small area. Both Sorrento and Positano are often dream wedding destinations.

Southern Lakes, New Zealand

The road to tranquillity at the South Island, New Zealand. Photo by Tobias Tullius

A must-see if you love spectacular scenery and road trips. A truly remarkable place with so much to do. All kinds of adventure sports and not forgetting wine tasting.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Discovery at Siem Reap. Photo by Taylor Simpson

Home to hundreds of temples and giant artefacts, this ancient kingdom was home to the Khmer Empire in the 9th – 15th centuries. See it now before the Cambodian jungle takes hold.

Northern Lights

The spectacular Aurora Borealis. Photo by Lightscape

While there is no guarantee to see the Northern Lights, Iceland, Norway and Canada are some of the most popular destinations to head to try and spot them. November to April are ideal times as this is when the KP Index, the earth’s geomagnetic field, is usually at its strongest, meaning you are more likely to see them. Wrap up warm, as standing in the snow with a tripod at 3 am in -12 it can get a little chilly! But definitely worth it!

Bora Bora and French Polynesia

Once in a lifetime trip to Bora Bora. Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler

Said to be a magical destination, Bora Bora, Tahiti’s best-known island is on many a travel bucket list. We know it’s on ours! Crystal clear lagoons, water adventures and sea-going wildlife. What’s not to love.

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Grand Canyon

Breathtaking views at the Grand canyon. Photo by Sonaal Bangera

Carved out by the Colorado River over billions of years, the Grand Canyon is certainly an experience. It’s no wonder that as one of the most visited tourist destination in the USA, 6 million tourists a year come to take in the sights. Getting there can take a little while, but the reward is well worth it.

Petra, Jordan

The wonderful sight of Petra. Photo by Emile Guillemot

Hopefully not your Last Crusade, but the next of many on your hunt for more adventures. Dating to around 300 BCE, it holds temples and tombs carved into the pink sandstone cliffs. Nicknamed the “Rose City”, it was a prominent city and home to the Nabateans.

French Riviera

A different kind of worship at the French Riviera. Photo by Rhiannon Elliott

Renowned for both glitz and glamour and its charming old town, Antibes is also a popular spot for its artistic and literary history.

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Scottish Highlands and English Lake District

Lake District Langdale Valley Jane Astley
The Langdale Valley, Lake District. Photo by Jane Astley

Our studio is based a short few hours away from “The Lakes”. We are never ceased to be amazed by the beauty in the landscape when we arrive there. Our favourite place in The Lakes is the breathtaking Langdale Valley, near to Ambleside.