From Vernon the VW to Trudi the Transit Van, Campervans are back in a big way!  No longer the preserve of Hippies manoeuvring their way from one festival of love to another, the Campervan resurgence is experiencing a whole new raft of devotees who yearn for adventure.

Campervan Kevin Schmid
Photo by Kevin Schmid

Adventure, of course, comes in all shapes and sizes… much like the humble Campervan; and whether your adventure represents a lifestyle change, taking time out of the rate race to embrace a more simplistic lifestyle, or just hiring Caroline the Campervan from your local hire company for the weekend, we may just have something that’s right up your, and your Campervans street.

Take a little look at our collection of Campervan goodies:

Our personalised and customisable Campervan Journals are a lovely little Hardback number that will accompany you on your Campervan adventures, and it makes the perfect keepsake to document where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.  The Journal is available in a couple of popular sizes and three different amount of pages options, meaning that your Campervan Journal is as tailor-made as your Campervan life.

If you’re in the business of hiring Campervans to discerning explorers, how about using these as guest books, providing a lovely record of your Campervans past friends and their adventures.  

View our Personalised Campervan Journals

Personalised Campervan Journal

Looking to share your Campervan life with loved ones back at home, thinking that Selfies so last year and taking a break from Social Media?  Go old school, grab a pen (or even a pencil if you’re really old school) find the most remote postbox you can and send them a card.

Post Box Siarhei Plashchynski
Photo by Alyssa Bossom

…Of course, we’re all over that too!

You can customise our Campervan cards with various styles, font choices and Campervan Colours, ideal for communication off the grid!

View our Campervan Cards

Campervan card
Personalised Campervan card

Imagining something else to remind you of your travels, or inspire future ones.  Or even as a little gift for your Campervan, we may just have that covered too!  We’ll soon be expanding our range of Campervan goodies, so keep your eyes peeled! However, to whet your appetite, take a look at the below:

View our Campervan Cushions & Campervan Coasters

Happy Campers Pillow Cushion
Adventure Awaits Campervan Coasters

Happy Campervanning!

Team NOE.

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