All of us here at Team NOE hope that you had a lovely Festive Season, and that you managed to spend some quality time with loved ones; hopefully ‘you know what’ didn’t put too much of a dampener on your enjoyment!

We thought that we’d just take a sneaky peak at some fun little facts from 2020, it is always nice to take a little time to reflect as we begin looking at what we have up our sleeves for 2021!

Well as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, 2020 was a bit of a shocker all round, but despite everything over 2500 items were sold to around 2400 customers, everything from humble Birthday Cards to elaborate Pin Board Maps featuring adventures from around the world.  Possibly unsurprisingly, given the circumstances, it was one of our I.O.U. Surprise Trip Cards that won the ‘Most Sold’ award.

With designs to suit every surprise, these may just come in handy this year too!

Browse our wide variety of surprise trip cards here

Let’s pick a number…15, Coincidentally that’s how many different countries have welcomed items from NOE, everywhere from the UK and a plethora of other European countries to Canada, the USA and the Far East.  However, it has to be Australia that has seen our furthest export, travelling over 17,000km to Melbourne!

We really do hope that 2021 is a little less stressful for us all and that you look after yourselves and stay safe.

Team NOE

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