Part 2 Our top 10 requested Surprise Trip Card locations and their best bits

So it’s time for part two of our Top Ten requested locations from our range of Surprise Trip Cards.  Some of our favourites… Who’s in the mood for some time away! Venice Venice must be a staple of Bucket Lists throughout the globe.  Where else combines Italian flair, theatrical architecture with thriving cafe culture.  Did […]

Our top 10 requested Surprise Trip Card locations and their best bits

(Part One) Over the last 6 years or so, since NOE was in its infancy, we’ve been busy creating bespoke Maps, Journals, Notebooks, Cards; the list goes on.  A recurring theme seen in many of our best selling products is travel, so we thought we’d have a little look back at our top ten most […]

Be our Valentine?

Valentine’s Day… Seriously it’s January! Yes, we know but before you know it Valentines Day will be just around the corner.  There was great discussion over the weekend at NOE about when to release our new Valentines Day Cards into the wild, and judging by this latest post there will be no prizes for guessing […]

2020 in a Nutshell

All of us here at Team NOE hope that you had a lovely Festive Season, and that you managed to spend some quality time with loved ones; hopefully ‘you know what’ didn’t put too much of a dampener on your enjoyment! We thought that we’d just take a sneaky peak at some fun little facts […]

Music Themed Weddings

Etsy Wedding Event 2020 Erik Valind

Earlier this year we took part in Etsy’s 2020 Wedding Event. With a focus on weddings that reflect couples’ personalities, celebrating individuality. We were delighted to be included in the event, showcasing our Record Shaped Seating Chart, which was created with individuality in mind. Ideal for weddings, but easily customisable for birthdays and other seated […]